Excites Wallpaper // Simon C. Page

Simon C Page awesome ipad3 Wallpapers. Just beautiful, so I sorted out a few pictures of the page... check here for a LOT more http://excites.co.uk/

German Lorca

German Lorca (born in Sao Paulo in 1922) is considered as a pioneer of the modern brasilian photography.   Here follows a bit of his beautiful works.

Vik Muniz

Vicente José de Oliveira Muniz, known as Vik Muniz (born 1961, São PauloBrazil), is a visual artist living in New York City. Muniz began his career as a sculptor in the late 1980s. Muniz became best known for his 1997 series Pictures of Chocolate and 2006's Pictures of Junk. WIKI

Diamond Divas, 2004 

Pictures of chocolate (1997)

Lewis Hine

"Lewis Wickes Hine (September 26, 1874 – November 3, 1940) was an American sociologist and photographer. Hine used his camera as a tool for social reform. His photographs were instrumental in changing the child labor laws in the United States..."

from Wikipedia

See also Selected Photographs

Lewis Hine, Tipple Boy, 1908 ©

Lewis Hine, Sweeper and Doffer In Cotton Mill, 1908 ©

Lewis Hine, Child Laborer, Newberry, South Carolina, 1908 ©

Lewis Hine, Power House mechanic working on steam pump, 1920 ©

Lewis Hine, Peace, an Ellis Island Madonna, 1904 ©

Lewis Hine, Midnight at the glassworks, 1908 ©

Lewis Hine, Italian immigrants at Ellis Island, New York, 1905 ©

Lewis Hine, Italian Immigrant, East Side, New York City, 1910 ©

Lewis Hine, Empire State Building Construction Worker Touching The Top Of The Chrysler Building, 1930 ©

Lewis Hine, Archives Gov, 1930 ©

Lewis Hine, Big Wheel in Waco, 1913 ©

Lewis Hine, A Practical Education, 1913 ©

Lewis Hine, Byron, 1911 ©

Lewis Hine, Buster and Eldridge, 1912 ©

Lewis Hine, Breaker Boys, 1911 ©

Lewis Hine, Bibb Mill Girls, 1909 ©

Lewis HineBaseball Glass Workers, 1908 ©

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